B0ss R00m Internet Services

The go-to Web developer that delivers a stylish Internet presence for North American businesses who want their product or brand to be prominent in the competitive online world.


Web Design

Web Design

B0ss R00m Internet Services is made up of passionate professionals who have dedicated themselves to learning the latest in web development techniques. We deal primarily with the WordPress platform (of which this very website is built on), but are striving everyday to expand our provided services.



We have been fascinated with the developments in how platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have shaped social interaction between people and businesses ever since the beginnings of such services. This has steered and driven the evolution of how we make your product or brand shine on the world wide web.

Computer Service

Computer Services

All our staff are experienced with the latest products and services in regards to computer hardware and software. We have handled and serviced many different desktop, mobile, and peripheral devices over the years and are constantly upgrading our understanding and techniques to keep up with the fast paced world of technology.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Luke is a unique and brilliant mind that always brings something special to the project. He wields the trust of his colleagues carefully and has always pulled through in the projects that are some of the most challenging, or at least baffled some of our other colleagues.
70% thorough – 40% fast, makes for 110% efficient with this guy!”

-Lucy Reinhard, Web Frelancer

“The work done on my new website has made it exactly as I envisioned it. I find that Luke is consistent and dedicated. He works well under tough timelines and has proven to be easy to work with. Love the perfectionist tendency as well since it balances so well with regards to all the details in creating a successful site.”

-Colette Mesdag, Mystic Bliss

“I have been working with B0ss R00m Internet Services for about 6 months now and have yet to be disappointed in the services provided. With our company, Master’s Tshirts, we generally have relied on their skills to setup and maintain our Facebook and Twitter presence, as well and the SEO research for our online store. Service has been responsive, well informed, and effective. I can’t recommend them more.”

-Ivan Delacroix, Master's Tshirts